Sabtu, 24 November 2012

you are creator and designer in yourlife

putrinidya-public speaking at alfalfa

"tok, tok, tok.....Assalamualaikum (2x)." i hear voice from outside.

"put....please open the door", my mother's voice.
i hurried went to my room and pretended to sleep.
my mother went to opened the door. "why does my daughter always do like that? she always doesn't want to open the door."
my mother called me and entered to my room.
"put, come on! you have to meet them. they are your aunt and your cousin."
"no mom, i don't want. i'm shy."
"come on, just a minute."
"no! i don't want."
ladies and gentlemen.
it was me. i was introvert person. I was shy. I became introvert person because the situation.
my father was grumpy person and seldom smile. he was over protective. he prohibited his children to played outside. my mother was housewife. she just supported everything what his children wanted.
my parents seldom talked with me. he didn't know about me, about my academic, and about my feeling. he just known earn a living. while my mother just accompanied and supported me. i never did heart to heart conversation with them.
since i was child. i always did everything myself. if i couldn't do it or i didn't understand, i had to look for the answer myself. i had to do everything perfectly, get the best and keep my family name. i had to be someone who always got achievement.
ladies and gentlemen.
be grateful, because you have parents who care you, support you, and show you all the best for you. but i? i had to do it myself. i had to choose and dicide everything to my future because they didn't have enough education to suggest me. my mother just support what i wanted. they had given me freedom to created my future.
one day, i got a problem.
"mom, i don't understand this lesson. please teach me."
"put, please forgive your parents because we can't teach you about your lessons. i just can accompany you and support what you want. you have to be independent. i will always support what will you do. You know that your mother just graduate elementary school, don't you? i just know a

 little. you can ask your brothers and your sister."
"yes mom, i am going to ask them."
"maaass,, mbaa.....please teach me mathemetics."
i asked my second brother.
"mas, how the way to answer this question?"
"hmmmm,, just it? you can read previous page, must be this book has the way.this is the way. read! and do it!"
huft, i have read many times but i didn't understand.
after that i meet my sister to look for the answer.
"mbaa, how the way to answer this question?"
"is this? where is pen? and letter? take it!"
my sister teach me by yelling like she was mad.
after that, i try to read, and tried do it myself. 
i try to solve my problem myself.
and do you know? I became more independent. i got achievement. i became the number one at the school, won mathematics competition, won cerdas cermat TVRI, and entered to good school in jakarta. Even i went to pare one year ago alone, never visited pare before, just bring bravery.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Your life is yours. You are designer and actor in yourlife. Try to change and move.
In the past, i was introvert person and just can “small smile”
Now, it is me, try to be extrovert person and more confidence and i can “smile”
But in the future, i will be confidence and can “big smile”
What about you? You have to out of the box. Change and move on. If you can think it, you can do it. do what you wanna do and get what you did.

Back to you.

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Anonim mengatakan...

and again, u wrote an inspiring words.

A very long ago, I thought my father didn't know everything about me, I thought he was busy with his job, but for sure, he always knew everything I did. After coming home, he asked my mother about us, his children, what we have done, and if there was anything had to pay at school.

Now, he is getting tired, so many diseases he brings with his body. All I can do just kissing his hand when I go to my office and come home. I don't talk much with him. But I know, he needs a friend to talk with.

Thanks, your inspiring words remind me to how big his love to me.

putrinidya mengatakan...

nice story. i will kiss my father's hand everyday if i go to everywhere. actually i am not close with my father. but i will try to closer than before. your blog is nice, i like your writing. thank you for reading, thank you for comment, thank you for coming my blog, nice to meet you....