Sabtu, 24 November 2012


"what will you do if someone leave you in the dark?" - shock therapy


"darkness will never be long"

ladies and gentlemen

there is no eternity in this world. eventhough dark and alone, we still can do anything. we know we are like blind. we can't see anything. but we can feel something. i will take something. paper and pencil. what for? i will write and draw something. i will write what i feel when i am in the darkness alone. i will write my dreams, and one of it is i hope brightness will come soon. i believe in God, God will bring brightness. and God will show someone who will accompany me. and after brightening, i will meet someone who is given by God and i will show my writing and drawing. in my writing "God, please give me someone who will accompany me. and please give me the brightness. i will say to him that i love you. i believe in You, God. i trust you will give me the best for me and i hope he is you, i hope you will back to me again, darling". do you know who he is who come to me, to bring me, and show everything about life? he is my father.
yah, dad....i will say that i love you. please forgive me, i know i have many mistakes.

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Augie Reyandha mengatakan...

uhh, this made me miss the feel of shock therapy..
great job.. :)

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