Sabtu, 12 Januari 2013

come and go


Many people or many things come and go in your life. It means every "good bye" word, someone or something will come to say "hello".

Do you have something that you love?

If we have something that we love, we have to be ready to lost it because we don't know when God will take it. Maybe after this, tomorror or a few years later you will lose your materials, your love, or even your parents. But remember God always beside you, accompany you. God will never leave you. God is in deep heart and deep mind. God has been giving you the strenght and the energy to run your life and face your problem.
Sometimes God gives you happiness but sometimes God gives you sadness. Sometimes God takes a part of yourlife but remember God will give you something that will make you happy.

Happiness and sadness.

They come and go. They are something that will make you more strong and mature. All problem has purpose to know human faith. Are you patient or not. Fore patient person, face the problem is called disaster. God will give good news for patient people.
Patient people are someone who if get disaster then they say "innalillahi wa innaillaihi rajiun" (we come because of God and will back unto God).

Ourlife like butterfly.

It has been a good metamorphs. For the first time it just catterpillar, like a worm, almost everybody does not want to touch it. It is disgusting, is not it? It being a cocoon. What a pity it is. Lonely life inside, no friends, no colour, but do you know that it is namely of process and the last it start being a beautiful animal is butterfly.

Your garden without flower nothing special and flower with butterfly it is beautiful. It is come and go.

Caterpillar go, cocoon come. Cocoon go, butterfly come.
The last life of cocoon is the first life of butterfly.
Something beautiful will be coming at the time.

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